Number of deaths in the world is the lowest since March 2020, says WHO


According to the agency, the drop in death rates does not mean that the pandemic has come to an end.

Covid-19 has a decrease in the number of deaths, says WHO
© Credits: PixabayCovid-19 has a decrease in the number of deaths, says WHO

THE World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the weekly number of deaths from Covid-19 reached the lowest level recorded since March 2020, when the pandemic began. Even with the indices falling, the director general of the agency, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, insisted on explaining that the global crisis has not yet come to an end.

“We all want to put the pandemic behind us, but no matter how much we want it, it’s not over yet,” Adhanom stressed at a press conference. However, the entity’s representative also mentioned that the numbers of cases have recently started to grow again in both Asia and Europe. The data may be higher than reported due to some countries scaling back testing, the WHO reported.

Currently, the subvariant of Ômicron, BA.2, is the strain most commonly found in confirmed cases worldwide, accounting for 86% of cases, the WHO said. Last week, there were 32,959 deaths, down 23% from the previous week. Among the countries with the most deaths from Covid-19 on March 14 and 20 are Russia, the United States, Brazil (2,200), South Korea and China.

“Until we reach a high rate of vaccination in all countries, we will continue to run the risk of an increase in infections, with the possibility of new variants emerging capable of evading vaccines”, said Adhanom. In the last 24 hours, Brazil had 302 deaths from the disease.

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