Phil Spencer says that the game is not required to be on Game Pass to be live on Xbox •

just part of the deal.

Microsoft shared that it is not mandatory for a game to be on Game Pass to be successful on the company’s consoles.

During GDC, Xbox’s Sarah Bond and Phil Spencer shared that they are often asked by game creators if it’s worth releasing a game on Xbox if it’s not on Game Pass and they don’t agree with that image being formed.

“I also want to make it clear to people that for us at Xbox, there is no one business model that will win. We are often asked by creators, ‘If I’m not on subscription, am I no longer viable on Xbox?’ and that’s just not true,” Spencer said.

“We look at retail with people selling games, buying games, it’s an important part of our profit and loss statement, you know that. It’s something that we put resources into to enable our game creators to do a fantastic job there. “

Game Pass has over 22 million subscribers and has become the main face of Microsoft Gaming, but Spencer says it’s not mandatory for a game to succeed on their consoles.

Spencer says Microsoft Gaming’s difference is in pursuing multiple business models and not just one, “I fundamentally believe that it’s a strength for us in the video game industry, the diversity of business models and their strength.”

In this way, Spencer believes that a game creator will be able to find success in a specific business model that they would not find in another, and on their platform they can choose between several.

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