War in Ukraine: Do the Russians Support Invasion?

Two protesters hold protest signs: one for and one against the invasion of Ukraine

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Two signs of protest: one for and one against the invasion of Ukraine

Official opinion polls and independent sociologists show that most Russians support the war in Ukraine. How can we trust your research?

71% of Russians support “special military operation” in Ukraine. 21% do not support and 8% do not know. This is according to a survey conducted on March 5th by the Russian Center for Public Opinion Research VSIOM. 70% of respondents said they believe the operation is going well for the Russian army.

The FOM Public Opinion Fund (which mainly conducts surveys commissioned by the Russian presidency) paints a similar picture. Their results show that 65% of Russians approve of the military operation in Ukraine, 17% disapprove and 18% do not know.

Independent poll by Russian opposition activist Alexei Minyailo called “Do the Russians Want War?” showed unsettling results for those who are against the war: 51% of respondents said “yes”, while only 27% said “no”.

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