War in Ukraine: how I survived the 500 kg bomb that hit the Mariupol theater

  • Hugo Bachega and Orysia Khimiak
  • From BBC News in Lviv (Ukraine)

Maria photographed after the attack
photo caption,

Mariia, who was a volunteer with the Ukrainian Red Cross, tried to help those injured in the attack, but her kit was inside the theater.

As the port city of Mariupol was being reduced to rubble by Russian bombs, hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children, went into hiding in a theater near the waterfront, a large Soviet-era building.

Last Wednesday, a bomb dropped and — within seconds — the building was torn in two and razed to the ground. We still don’t know how many died, but the BBC spoke to survivors who described for the first time what happened when the bomb fell.

All morning, Russian planes flew over the city’s skies.

Mariia Rodionova, a 27-year-old teacher, had been living at the theater for 10 days, having fled her ninth-floor apartment with her two dogs. She camped beside the stage in an auditorium near the back of the building.

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