4 Most Bizarre and Scariest Mental Problems on Earth

Mental disorders are more common than you might think, in fact, it is even possible that you suffer from one without knowing it. After all, there are problems that are divided by degrees of intensity, which can vary from person to person. Currently, about 450,000 human beings in the world live with some kind of dysfunction in the mind.

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In the United States (USA), 25% of families have a member in these conditions. So, get to know the most bizarre and frightening mental problems of the planet.

It is worth mentioning that most disorders linked to the functioning of the brain are usually related to some physical or emotional trauma. That is, usually some kind of accident is able to affect the proper functioning of the mind.

The World’s Most Bizarre and Scary Mental Disorders

1 – Alien hand syndrome

This syndrome is also known as alien hand syndrome and is a condition that affects about 1% of the population on Earth. The data is from the World Health Organization (WHO). In short, the patient has the constant feeling that one of his arms does not belong to him and has a life of its own. This syndrome affects only one side of the body and is one of the most bizarre mental problems out there.

2 – Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BII)

TIIC is extremely rare, but there are several people who are forced to live with it. This disorder is serious and can lead to irreparable health consequences. In this case, the person feels an uncontrollable urge to remove some part of their own body. It would be as if by eliminating that limb the patient could correct some defect.

3 – Lycanthropy

From the name, you can already get a sense of what this mental problem is capable of providing. Lycanthropy gives the impression that the patient would be able to transform into a werewolf. It is a frightening and bizarre disorder, but one that brings a lot of suffering to the person.

4 – Exploding head syndrome

You will hardly see a mental problem as bizarre and frightening as this one. Exploding head syndrome is a very rare disorder that affects sleep. The patient wakes up in the middle of the night startled after hearing a tremendous explosion. However, this noise never happened and was reproduced by his own mind.

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