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The City of Divinópolis, through the Municipal Health Department (Semusa), informs that the State Government will send the municipality, resources for the construction of three new basic health units (UBS).

The announcement was made today (24/3), by the Secretary of State for Health, Fábio Baccheretti, in fulfillment of an agenda at the São João de Deus Health Complex (CSSJD). “We will send resources to the municipality for the construction of three new UBS, this will improve the access of the population of Divinópolis to basic health care”, highlighted Baccheretti.

The deputy mayor of Divinópolis, Janete Aparecida and the municipal secretary of Health, Alan Rodrigo da Silva, accompanied the visit that came to bring good news to the municipality. According to Secretary Alan Rodrigo, the current management carried out a survey on the situation of all health units in the municipality. “Through this survey, we realized that the physical network is very compromised. We need to renovate several units and also build new spaces. That is why this announcement from the Government of Minas is very positive so that we can improve the primary health care network and offer more adequate care to the population”, he highlighted.

Deputy Mayor Janete Aparecida explained about other fronts for the renovation and construction of even more health units. “This announcement by the State Government is of great relevance to health in the municipality. From the research we did, we have already verified which regions of the city we need to build, renovate and also the number of health units that work in rented places and this is one of the things that we have to extinguish. We will be carrying out the renovations and, with our own resources, including the sale of real estate, the municipality will be investing to carry out two more constructions of health units”, she explained.

Janete also announced that projects are already being prepared for the construction of other health units. “We are already doing the projects, even without the resources, and in contact with both state and federal deputies, so that we can with the rents and bring the population an excellent service”, she highlighted.

On the resumption of construction of the Regional Hospital in Divinópolis, the Secretary of State for Health, Fábio Baccheretti, highlighted that the City Hall of Divinópolis has done its part and explains the next steps. “The city government did its part, in record time, which was the payment in kind, which in practice is the transfer of the property where the hospital is being built to the State Government. The law has already been published by Mayor Gleidson Azevedo. Now this issue is with the State Attorney General’s Office, which will issue its opinion and the issue will then go through the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG). Subsequently, by the sanction of the governor Romeu Zema, and then we will publish a public notice to restart the works. We will take all steps respecting the legislation, but doing our best to make it happen as soon as possible to bring a new hospital to the city, to organize the health network and better serve the population of the entire region”, he stressed.

Saint John of God

During the visit to the São João de Deus Health Complex (CSSJD), the Secretary of State for Health, Fábio Baccheretti, made other important announcements for the health area. “São João de Deus was recognized by Valora Minas, which is the Hospital Policy of the State of Minas Gerais, and will receive about R$ 4 million more, from R$ 12 million, tripling the value of the transfer. This is an incentive that can be used in improvements, investment, funding. We are paying in advance and that is why it gives credibility to the hospital”, he stressed.

Elis Regina Guimarães, CEO of CSSJD, commented on the announcement. “This incentive from the State really values ​​those who produce, those who are doing a good service. We produced far beyond what was agreed upon, so our incentive was tripled. This has been covering a lot that we had to pay debts,” she said.

The CSSJD was also awarded by the State Government with a new CT scanner and resource for the expansion of hemodialysis. “São João de Deus will soon be awarded a new CT scanner, which has an estimated value of R$ 1.5 million, which is already in the account of the entity that is arranging the purchase. Another R$ 400 thousand was transferred to the expansion of hemodialysis”, informed Fábio Baccheretti.

There was also the announcement of resources to eliminate the queue of elective surgeries. “Part of the resources for this action are already in the City Hall’s account and this São João de Deus will be of great importance for us to finish this line. Through this program you will be paid up to 10 times the table value per procedure. The State will pay for this so that we can remove this backlog of surgeries due to the pandemic ”, he highlighted.

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