Video shows rare birth of capped baby in Spain

A video captured the moment of the birth of a baby in a cap, which is considered rare to occur, with a probability of being recorded every 80,000 births. The cesarean section took place in a hospital in Vinarós, Spain.

In the images, recorded during the delivery of twins, at the hospital run by the city’s Department of Health, it is possible to see the newborn being removed surrounded by the amniotic sac, where the amniotic fluid is.

The delivery was carried out between university students, who appear “celebrating” the birth in the video. “Today our students had a grade 10. I didn’t say anything to them, but I admit that I was that person screaming”, joked the doctor responsible for the operation, Ana Teijelo, in a post on social networks.

The record was made last week and the video was released by the hospital on social media yesterday.

According to the doctor, the birth was of twins, however, only the girl was born with a coat. Both babies are in good health. In the publication made on the networks, the health department explains that the occurrence does not cause risks to the mother or the baby.

Embellished delivery occurs when the entire amniotic sac is preserved with the baby inside, which makes it possible to observe its movements and activities as if it were in the womb. Usually, the rupture of the water is the indication that the birth is about to occur.

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