War in Ukraine: Why Putin Quoted Harry Potter Author In Speech – And How She Responded | Pop & Art

British writer JK Rowling, famed creator of the Harry Potter series, hit back at a comment by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who compared what he called the “cancellation of Russian culture” due to the invasion of Ukraine with frequent accusations that author would be transphobic.

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In a televised meeting, Putin compared the recent criticism of the Harry Potter writer to those faced by Russian composers and writers who took a pro-war stance.

In response, Rowling claimed that the invasion of Ukraine is “killing civilians”.

Putin says he will charge rubles for natural gas exports

Putin says he will charge rubles for natural gas exports

The writer has been criticized for her views on transgender issues.

  • JK Rowling is criticized again after new transphobic comments on social media

“Criticism of Western cancel culture is possibly not better done by those who currently massacre civilians for the crime of resistance, or who imprison and poison their critics,” the author wrote on Twitter.

In a lengthy speech at a cultural awards ceremony, President Putin claimed that Russian composers and writers were being discriminated against. “They are trying to cancel a thousand-year-old country,” he said.

Some cultural events featuring Russian artists who took a stand for the war were canceled after the country’s army invaded Ukraine last month.

Concerts that would have performed music by Russian composers who have died have also been cancelled, albeit in smaller numbers.

Putin also claimed – without providing evidence – that there is “gradual discrimination against everything related to Russia in various Western countries”.

“They are banning Russian writers and books,” Putin said. “‘Cancel culture’ has become a cancel culture.”

Putin then defended Rowling, who has faced criticism for her comments on transgender issues. She denies the allegations of transphobia.

“JK Rowling was canceled because she, a writer of books that have sold millions of copies worldwide, did not please fans of so-called gender liberties“, Putin said.

The writer claims her interest in trans issues stems from being “an abuse survivor” and having concerns about “single-sex spaces”.

Critics claim that Rowling’s statements on the topic have diminished the identity of trans people.

Conductor Valery Gergiev, who attended Friday’s meeting with Putin, was dismissed from festivals and concert halls after failing to condemn the invasion of Ukraine.

And earlier this month, a Welsh orchestra used the war as an argument to withdraw a song by Russian composer Tchaikovsky from a concert.

“There were two military-themed pieces that we felt were particularly inappropriate at this time,” the Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra said in a statement.

“When the humanitarian crisis is over, the discussion of ‘wake up’ and ‘cancel’ can take its place,” Putin added.

The invasion of Russia, which is entering its second month, has provoked a major humanitarian crisis with more than 10 million people homeless and thousands dead.

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