Anvisa bans pill that was sold to treat anxiety

Anvisa determined the seizure of Emergizen, a natural compound that was marketed with the promise of treating anxiety, stress and insomnia. The decision was published this Thursday, 24, in the Official Gazette.

The measure also prohibits the marketing, distribution, manufacture, advertising and use of the product.

anxiety pill

Credit: Kubra Cavus/istockAnvisa orders all batches of anxiety pills to be collected

Emergizen was marketed over the internet, through an official website. According to Anvisa’s decision, it was found that the product in question was food with inappropriate claims.

What’s in the formula?

According to the website that sells the product, the formula is composed only of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. One such compound is tryptophan, an amino acid that helps to synthesize serotonin, known as the “feel good hormone”.

Tryptophan is not produced by the body, and it is necessary to ingest it through a balanced diet or make use of a supplementation. In addition, the supplement also contains niacin, pyridoxine, passion fruit, zinc and magnesium.


Anxiety is something natural and inherent to the human being, which can be “activated” in the face of situations that can cause fear, doubt or expectation, however, when it becomes pathological and begins to show excessive signs, it is necessary to seek psychological and psychiatric.

The diagnosis takes into account the patient’s life history, clinical evaluation and, when necessary, the performance of some complementary exams.

After an evaluation and study of the case, the doctor defines which treatment method is the most suitable for each case. Treatments are divided into three types:

  • Therapeutic follow-up – with a psychologist or therapist;
  • Use of prescribed and controlled drugs;
  • The combination of the above two factors: medication and therapy.

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