Caffeine has science-proven benefits; meet them

For the delight of fans of coffeemore and more research is proving the benefits of caffeine to the health. This means that, contrary to what many believe, your daily coffee can be taken without guilt, as the substance can be really beneficial.


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The most recent study on the subject, published in the “New England Journal of Medicine”, states that caffeine consumption may be associated with a reduced risk of several health conditions, including heart diseases, diabetes type 2, Parkinson’s disease, liver cancer and depression. This does not mean that coffee prevents these conditions, but it can be an ally.

According to Slice, where the information is from, several other studies claim that consuming 400 mg of caffeine a day has been associated with reduced mortality rates overall. In extensive research published by the American Heart Association, in which 200,000 participants were studied over 30 years, those who drank three to five cups of coffee a day were found to be 15% less likely to die from various causes and diseases at a young age. This goes back to a 2013 study by the Harvard Public School of Health in the United States, which found that the risk of suicide in men and women decreased by 50% if they drank coffee in moderation.

While all of this information still comes with caveats — such as for pregnant women and people facing anxiety and problems of sleep — they are a win for coffee lovers. Whether you need a stimulant to boost energy or simply want to unwind with a hot drink, studies are getting closer and closer to proving that you can enjoy your preparation guilt-free.

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