Is drinking tea before going to bed harmful to sleep?

There are many varieties of teas around the world, for the most diverse causes. Some teas can be used medicinally, as they are great for regulating digestive problems, healing heartburn, alleviating cramps and giving more energy and stimulating the body.

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Many people love taking the infusion at night in order to calm the mind and provide greater relaxation of the muscles, allowing for a more peaceful night and without interruptions in the sleep cycle. But does it really work?

Health benefits of tea

  • Help prevent premature aging: thanks to powerful antioxidants, teas are able to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • They help with weight maintenance and control: some types of tea help to speed up metabolism and thus burn extra fat and contribute to weight loss.
  • Helps improve the respiratory system: teas act by cleaning the airways, thus helping to combat allergies, asthma problems and inflammation.
  • It has a diuretic effect: it helps people with kidney problems and stimulates the excretion of urine.
  • Reduce gas: certain types of tea can help eliminate gas naturally.

But is it okay to drink tea before bed?

According to nutritionist Aili Castro, the ideal is not to ingest tea before bed. This is because, depending on the type of herb chosen, it may contain caffeine, which causes a stimulating effect, rather than calming and relaxing the muscles.

However, it is necessary to know how to recognize the types of teas and their medicinal properties. Some like black tea, green tea, red tea, in fact, have more energetic effects. Other infusions, such as chamomile, mint and fennel, have a more calming action on the body.

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