Poços resident who wanted to join the war is vetoed because of Brazil’s position – ONDA POÇOS

A former military resident of Poços de Caldas, willing to enlist, said that the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine was vetoed because of President Jair Bolsonaro’s position on the conflict.

Bolsonaro has avoided criticizing Russia. Before the invasion, he visited Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was already ordering military actions on the border with Ukraine. After the outbreak of war, however, the government of Brazil voted in favor of the UN resolution condemning the Russian attack.

“I have all the emails confirming the enlistment. But the situation changed after the Russian minister’s statement and Bolsonaro’s silence. We were excluded and can no longer be part of the foreign legion because of the president’s position on the war in Ukraine. The feeling we have is one of shame,” said Fábio Júnior de Oliveira, who served as a sergeant in the Armed Forces between January 2005 and November 2006.

Fábio, who is a resident of Poços de Caldas, is part of a group of people who say they want to volunteer to fight for Ukraine and who were looking for resources with virtual crowdfunding to make it possible to spend air tickets to the border with Poland, where they would perform with Ukrainian troops. At least for now, enlistment plans are on hold.

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