Report on annual readjustment of Unimed x SINJUR health plans –

The SINJUR Board, after analysis and consideration by its advisory, Benevitae Administradora, met with the Board of Unimed Porto Velho to negotiate the readjustment of the health plans that will come into force from April/2022.

In principle, Unimed Porto Velho, through a statement sent by electronic mail on 02/24/2022, indicated that the necessary readjustment to the contracts would be as follows:

However, after exhaustive negotiations, the SINJUR Board managed to significantly reduce the readjustment initially proposed in all plans, especially in contract 6800, going from a readjustment in the initial proposal of 47.46%, to 16.00% in the final proposal, meaning that it achieved a reduction of 66.29% in the rate of the aforementioned contract, maintaining a plan with great cost-benefit at the disposal of its members, taking into account its characteristics and scope.

Overall, the percentage of reduction was 36.72% in relation to the initial proposal presented by Unimed, leaving a readjustment that on average would represent 17.43% to 11.03%.

Check out the details of the negotiations through studies carried out by the consultancy that provides consultancy to SINJUR: FINAL REAJUSTMENT COMMUNICATION

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