Saudi Arabian GP: Sergio Perez surprises Ferrari to take 1st pole in F1

Pole is the first in Checo Pérez’s career – and in Mexico’s history – in Formula 1. Interestingly, the Mexican has two victories in the category: Sakhir-2020, for Racing Point, and Azerbaijan-2021, already for Red Bull.

Rounding out the top ten positions, Esteban Ocon (Alpine) starts fifth, with George Russell (Mercedes) sixth, Fernando Alonso (Alpine) seventh, Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) eighth, Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) ninth and Kevin Magnussen (Haas) in tenth.

The practice was marked by the serious accident of Mick Schumacher, which caused a stoppage of about an hour in Q2. The Haas German escaped on a curb and hit the wall with violence. After being treated, he was consciously taken to the medical center, where he underwent examinations.

The drivers now return to the track this Sunday for the race, with transmission from band. The start takes place at 14:00 (Brasilia time).

Check out how the ranking went:

Q1: Hamilton is eliminated

In the first minutes, Haas surprised and took the first two positions: Kevin Magnussen did 1min30s425, with Mick Schumacher 0s100 behind his teammate. The session was interrupted with 11:22 to go, after an accident by Nicholas Latifi caused a red flag – the Canadian’s Williams lost the rear in a corner and escaped the track, ending up in the protective barriers.

In the resumption, Max Verstappen set the best lap of the weekend, with 1min29s330, taking the lead – Pérez, 0s781, was second. But Ferrari was not far behind: Sainz had the best time, with 1min28s855, with Leclerc in second to 0s184 of his teammate.

The upset was due to Hamilton’s elimination in Q1: in his last attempt, the Briton managed only the 15th time, but was immediately overtaken by Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin. In addition to the seven-time champion, Alexander Albon (Williams) 17th, Nico Hulkenberg (Aston Martin) 18th, Nicholas Latifi (Williams) 19th and Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri) 20th were also eliminated.

Q2: Serious accident with Schumacher

In the first minutes of the second half, Charles Leclerc scored 1min28s883 and took the first position. Mercedes’ George Russell and McLaren’s Lando Norris followed close behind, completing the top three positions. Red Bull soon prevailed, with Pérez in second and Verstappen in third.

At 4:58, another red flag: Mick Schumacher was on a fast lap when he ran over a curb at turn 12 and lost control of the Haas, hitting one of the walls of the track with force. The accident required the assistance of medical teams. According to Haas, the German was taken conscious for treatment.

Q2 only resumed after an hour-long stoppage. On the way back, Carlos Sainz took first place, with 1min28s686. Lando Norris (McLaren) in 11th, Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) in 12th, Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo) in 13th, Mick Schumacher (Haas) in 14th and Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) in 15th were eliminated.

Q3: Czech surprises Ferrari

In the final 12 minutes, the first to occupy the lead was Sainz, with 1min28s402. Leclerc was right behind, with 1min28s446. On the first attempt, Pérez took the third time, clocking 1min28s457.

In the last attempt, Leclerc overcame Ferrari’s teammate, scoring 1min28s225. But Pérez came right behind and clocked 1min28s200, taking pole position from the Monegasque.

Qualifying result for the Saudi Arabian GP:

  1. Sergio Pérez (MEX/Red Bull RBPT): 1min28s200
  2. Charles Leclerc (MON/Ferrari): 1min28s225
  3. Carlos Sainz (ESP/Ferrari): 1min28s402
  4. Max Verstappen (HOL/Red Bull RBPT): 1min28s461
  5. Esteban Ocon (FRA/Alpine Renault): 1min29s068
  6. George Russell (GBR/Mercedes): 1min29s104
  7. Fernando Alonso (ESP/Alpine Renault): 1min29s147
  8. Valtteri Bottas (FIN/Alfa Romeo Ferrari): 1min29s183
  9. Pierre Gasly (FRA/AlphaTauri RBPT): 1min29s254
  10. Kevin Magnussen (DIN/Haas Ferrari): 1min29s588
  11. Lando Norris (GBR/McLaren Mercedes): 1min29s651
  12. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS/McLaren Mercedes): 1min29s773
  13. Guanyu Zhou (CHN/Alfa Romeo Ferrari): 1min29s819
  14. Mick Schumacher (ALE/Haas Ferrari): 1min29s920
  15. Lance Stroll (CAN/Aston Martin Mercedes): 1min31s009
  16. Lewis Hamilton (GBR/Mercedes): 1min30s343
  17. Alexander Albon (TAI/Williams Mercedes): 1min30s492
  18. Nico Hulkenberg (ALE/Aston Martin Mercedes): 1min30s543
  19. Nicholas Latifi (CAN/Williams Mercedes): 1min31s817
  20. Yuki Tsunoda (JAP/AlphaTauri RBPT): No time

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