SP makes collective effort against Covid-19 and flu

Credit: Tânia Rêgo / Agência Brasil

SP makes campaign against Covid-19 and flu (Credit: Tânia Rêgo / Agência Brasil)

The Government of São Paulo promotes this Sunday (27) the “Domingão da Vaccination” for the immunization of children, adults and the elderly against Covid-19. Seniors over 80 years old can be vaccinated against the flu.

The action seeks to expand the immunization of children from 5 to 11 years of age, especially with the second dose against Covid-19. In the state, 76% of children have already taken the first dose, but only 36% received both doses and completed the immunization. According to the state government, about 800,000 children could have already received the second dose.

A survey by the Seade Foundation points out that 34% of parents and guardians stated that they did not take their children to vaccinate due to lack of time.

The government emphasizes the importance of vaccinating adults with the third dose, in addition to applying the second dose to those who are absent. “It is also an opportunity for the elderly over 80 to take the fourth dose. In addition to the dose against Covid-19, these same elderly people will be able to take the influenza vaccine at the same time.

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The Secretary of State reported that it will provide R$ 5.5 million in daily steps for health professionals in 645 municipalities so that everyone can open their units and have a complete team for the vaccination of the population.

“The Sunday of Vaccination is an opportunity for the whole family to take their dose. Municipalities will have special actions for the application of the second dose in absentees, in addition to expanding the vaccination coverage of the third and fourth dose of Covid-19. It is essential that the elderly over 80 can also be vaccinated against the flu”, highlights the Coordinator of the State Immunization Plan, Regiane de Paula.

Anticipating Influenza Vaccination

The state government anticipates the flu vaccination campaign by one week. The elderly over 80 years old will be able to receive the vaccine against Influenza as of this Sunday (27) during the “Domingão da Vacinação”.

“Older people over 80 years old who go to the health centers to receive the fourth dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, will be able to receive the flu vaccine in a safe way”, informed the government.

The influenza vaccine is trivalent and 100% produced in Butantan, composed of the H1N1, strain B and H3N2 viruses, of the Darwin subtype, which caused the outbreaks located at the end of last year.

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