A Rhythm of the Heart wins as the best film of 2022

The movie “In the Rhythm of the Heart” surprised everyone tonight and won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2022. The work had “Attacks of the Dogs” as its main opponent.

Released at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, “The Rhythm of the Heart” is an independent film, which won the festival’s top prize early last year, being acquired by Apple for US$ 25 million (approximately R$ 125 million). . It is a remake of the French “The Bélier Family”, from 2014. The difference is that the American version stars deaf actors.

The film follows a family of four, of which only the youngest daughter is a listener. High school student Ruby (Emilia Jones) is a singer, but she has to divide her time between studying and helping her deaf parents and brother with fishing. A skilled artist, Ruby joins the school’s choir, but struggles to express herself because she doesn’t feel comfortable in the spotlight.

Ironically, she is the most talented of the bunch.

The original title of the film is CODA, which in English is an acronym for “children of deaf parents” (children of deaf adults, in the original). But there is a double meaning, as “Coda” is what the final part of a song is called, and in the film everything connects because of the daughter’s gift for the musical side.

In addition to the Oscar for best picture, “CODA” also took home the award for best supporting actor, with a touching moment by Troy Kotsur on stage, and the award for best adapted screenplay. In an interview with Splash, the director and screenwriter said that her goal was to bring deaf actors to tell this story, as she considered this a crucial factor for the plot to reach new audiences.

“The French film is wonderful, but it was a missed opportunity to bring more authenticity to the characters and explore them in a three-dimensional way, like a real family,” Heder told Splash in September of last year.

“I’m a hearing person, this is not my community. I felt like I shouldn’t tell this story unless I surrounded myself with deaf collaborators, behind and in front of the camera. It gave me more freedom as a director. I felt a responsibility huge to get right, because I was representing a culture that is rarely seen on screen.”

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