China starts partial lockdown in Shanghai to contain record Covid-19 outbreak

City is the most populous in the country and has become the main focus of infection by the coronavirus in recent weeks; on Monday, the highest number of people infected in 24 hours was recorded: 3,500

EFE / EPA / PILIPEIA ROMANAChina has been confining people to their homes in several cities across the country for weeks to stem new contagion records.

Shanghaithe most populous city in Chinawith 25 million inhabitants, starts this Monday, 28, a partial and staggered confinement in two phases which will last until April 5th to contain the worst outbreak of Covid-19 already registered in the city since the beginning of the pandemic. The city has become in recent weeks the main focus of infection by the coronavirus in the country and this Monday recorded a new record of 3,500 infections in 24 hours. The confined area of ​​the city as of today is the eastern district, known as Pudong, which includes the main international airport, and the city’s financial district. The confinement will continue until Friday, April 1, when it will be applied in the most populous sector of Puxi, the west side of the city.

In the case of Shanghai, the government has tried to avoid the severe closures applied in other cities recently, opting for targeted lockdowns so as not to affect Shanghai’s economy. As justification, the authorities announced that they had taken “steps to contain the spread of the epidemic, ensure the well-being and health of people and eradicate infections as quickly as possible”. The announcement was made last Sunday and sparked a rush to markets with residents increasingly angry at the authorities’ inability to contain the outbreak of the disease after three weeks of restrictive measures in several other cities and parts of China. It was not explained how the measures will affect air transport or the city’s port.

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