Couple goes from Brasilia to Alaska selling sweets in motorhome

“I’m going to enjoy life and retire at the age of 21”, says Letícia Pereira, referring to the trip she plans to take with her boyfriend, Bruno Santana, 30, to Alaska, in the United States. Residents of Taguatinga, Casal Nada Normal – as the two present themselves in an Instagram profile – runs through different regions of the Federal District selling cakes to raise funds and be able to pay for the renovation of the mobile home that will take them to the freezing cold of the north of the country. Americas.

“I opened the map and saw the Panamerican Highway. She goes from Ushuaia [na Argentina] to alaska [nos EUA]. Then I saw the Darien Strait [na Colômbia] and I realized that there is a possibility to take the ferry [para seguir viagem]. In that study, I also saw that it’s the longest distance you can travel with a vehicle without crossing an ocean. So, that was why, the distance challenge”, explains Bruno.


Together for 8 months, the couple says they decided to face the adventure on January 1 of this year. “It was to change the air. And, in the course of 10 days, we set up [a viagem]”, says Bruno. “We will sell desserts and do the same thing as here. So, why not travel and do that?”, asks Letícia.

To pay for the entire itinerary, they estimate spending around R$ 440,000 over the five years of travel. Only fuel would be about R$ 80 thousand.

The expectation of the two is to leave the DF and head towards São Luís, in Maranhão. And from there, go down the entire Brazilian coast along the coast ─ raising funds also with the cake trade ─ until crossing the border with Argentina and heading towards Ushuaia. From the extreme south of the Americas, they will start the crossing, via the Panamerican Highway, towards the American state.

See the couple’s journey:


To cross the roadless stretch of the Strait of Darien ─ a jungle region located between Colombia and Panama ─ the couple will still decide where to take the ferry: whether along the Ecuadorian or Colombian coast. “Leaving Ecuador, it costs BRL 2,600. From Colombia, it’s R$ 4 thousand”, estimates Bruno. In addition to the days on the road, they account for about 10 days of navigation, from boarding the vehicle at one of the South American ports, crossing and releasing the motorhome in Panama City.

“In all, we will cross more than 30 thousand km”, estimates Bruno. The report of metropolises found that from Ushuaia to Cartagena, by car, is 10,209 km. Then the stretch from Panama City to Mexico City is another 3,318 km. From the Mexican capital to Monterrey, there are 910 km. And from Monterrey to Alcan Border, on the Alaskan border, it’s another 6,733 km. Not counting the sections in Brazil and the crossing by boat, there are 21,170 km of road.

Originally, the highway goes in another direction ─ to New York (see map below). On April 16, 1928, a trio of Brazilians left Rio de Janeiro and crossed the Americas in two Ford T model cars. eastern american. Mário Fava, Leônidas Borges de Oliveira and Francisco Lopez da Cruz end the 10-year trip with a boat ride back to Brazil.

Map of the first Panamerican voyage

Production and sale of cakes

Águas Claras, Asa Norte, Sudoeste, Samambaia and Taguatinga are the destinations reserved for the couple’s cake sales. Armed with 100 desserts a day, they roam the city’s bars in search of new supporters of the cause. “It is normal to go to bars until 1 am”, says Bruno.

Each cake costs R$10 and the glass of happiness costs R$15. “And we didn’t get help. The customer leaves the money and we donate the dessert”, says Bruno. “We also have a guarantee. If you don’t like it, you don’t pay for dessert. To date, we have not had any refunds.”

“Was hard [a produção de bolos] at the beginning. I burned a lot of stuffing”, says Letícia. She didn’t cook and needed Bruno’s help to pass the first batches. They renovated the kitchen at home and equipped it with a small industrial oven and two professional pans to meet the demand.

A veteran in the kitchen, Bruno started at the age of 11 and was already successful with delicacies, when he made the Feira dos Goianos his fixed point of sale. Business went down the drain with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in the DF and the closing of trade. “I broke it”, he laments.

new house renovation

Parked in the garage at home, the minibus is a construction site. “We thought we would spend BRL 6,000 on maintenance, but it has already exceeded BRL 12,000 and from what I can see there is still BRL 5,000 more”, estimates Bruno. They negotiated the vehicle from the year 99/2000 in an exchange with an Xsara Picasso and still managed to get R$ 4 thousand back.

Responsible for handling the vehicle, the confectioner ventures out with an apron and other tools. “I changed the gearbox, the brake system and the steering. In the past I have restored a car so I have a sense,” he explains.

The couple hopes to obtain authorization from the GDF to legalize the vehicle as a motorhome, tax-free, and thus be able to carry out major renovations. In the project, kitchen, bed, fridge, shower, two stoves and a space for a stove outside.

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