Tutor grabs python with just one hand to save caged birds – News

A bird owner went to great lengths to prevent a carpet python from attacking caged animals. As soon as he noticed the presence of the serpent, 2 m long, the man grabbed it with just one hand and drove it away.

The shocking scene was recorded by the resident himself, in the backyard of the house where he lives, in Townsville, Australia. Watch below:

“You can’t keep my damn birds,” exclaimed the resident during the recording.

With the danger out of sight, he turned his attention to the pets, which he asked if they were all right. Fortunately for our sanity, there was no response…

However, some netizens did not find it very effective to just throw the hungry python to the other side of the fence, since it could come back at any moment.

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“Not a snake fence for sure,” commented one YouTube viewer, “got me rolling here, it was fun to watch.”

As the bird tutor did not publish anything else about it, there is a crowd that the predator has found another meal after the act.

According to the Daily Mail tabloid, which also shared the video above, carpet pythons are not poisonous. Although they have a powerful bite, capable of causing serious infections in humans.

The python then devoured a wild bird, which landed on the clothesline of a house. Check out!

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