Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on stage at Oscars after jokes about Jada Pinkett Smith’s illness

Chris Rock and Will Smith had a fight during the 2022 Oscars broadcast.

Chris Rock took the stage to present the Oscars and made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith because of her shaved head. Smith then took the stage and slapped Rock in the face. Though it seemed like a joke at first, Smith returned to her seat and yelled at Rock, “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth!”

Many in the Oscars audience looked stunned by the brawl. Diddy was the next presenter during the ceremony, where he appeared to present the 50th anniversary celebration of “The Godfather”. Diddy addressed the situation by saying, “Will and Chris, let’s work this out as a family. Now we are moving forward with love.”

Will Smith’s publicist, Meredith O. Sullivan, came up to him at commercial break to have an argument. Also during the break, Denzel Washington stood up to speak with Smith in private, the actor appearing to be wiping tears from his face.

Pinkett Smith announced last year that he shaved his head after battling alopecia. The actor said in an Instagram post: “Right now, at this point, I can only laugh… you guys know I’m struggling with alopecia. Suddenly, one day… it just appeared like this. Now, this is going to be a little harder for me to hide. So I thought I’d share it so you don’t ask questions…”

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