‘Bigger than my baby’s head’

While shopping at a fair, an English baker’s jaw dropped when she found a gigantic lemon measuring approximately 22 centimeters and 1.8 kg in a stall. Excited by the size of the fruit, the woman shared the bizarre discovery on her social media.

Tammy Warren, 38, was strolling through a market at Lackham Farm in Chippenham (UK), a place famous for offering organic fruits and vegetables based on the well-being of fauna and flora, supported by the technological resources of Wiltshire College. & University Center Lackham.

As she was rummaging through the food stalls, she was surprised by the gigantic lemon. After contemplating and admiring the fruit, Tammy decided to buy it, for 5 pounds, the equivalent of R$31.

In an interview with the British tabloid The Sunthe mother of three said that as soon as she found the strange lemon, she imagined preparing several recipes from it.

“It’s the biggest lemon I’ve ever seen in my life, the moment I saw it, I thought it would make a great cake,” he said. “Like the case where life gives you lemons, I’m going to take advantage of it and make several sweets, lemonade, candied lemon peel and lots of gin and tonic…”.

On the other hand, Tammy confessed that the size of the lemon was also an irresistible feature in the purchase decision. “It’s bigger than my baby Sebastian’s head,” she joked.

She said that when she took it home, she was delighted by the aroma of the fruit and has plans for its seeds after consumption. “It smells delicious. After holding it, my hands smell great afterwards. Let’s keep the seeds and grow our own lemons.”

According to the tabloid, the giant lemon was grown from the same tree on the campus of Wiltshire College & University Center in Lackham, which in 1989 produced a record-sized lemon that weighed 4 kg with a circumference of 80 cm. This lemon held the Guinness World Record title for 14 years, before losing it to an approximately 4.9 kg lemon grown in Israel.

In light of the wide repercussion of lemons, a university spokesperson said: “The institution is pleased that its oversize lemons are still as popular and sought after as ever.”

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