Personal and woman criticize ‘offensive’ speeches by homeless: ‘Outrageous’

The family of the woman found inside a car with a homeless man condemned his speech to the press after the case gained national attention. Givaldo Alves, 48, gave his first interview about the story on Thursday (24), giving alleged details about sexual relations he would have had with his wife inside a car in Planaltina (DF). To the UOLhe said he was afraid of being framed for the incident.

At the end of last week, he made more statements, this time to Band TV, including explicit descriptions of what would have happened moments before personal trainer Eduardo Alves caught the situation with his wife and beat him. In a note sent to UOLthe couple’s lawyers defined the statements as “disrespectful and offensive” and stated that a complaint had already been made to the Civil Police against the attack “on the reputation and honor of this victim in front of society”.

Last week, Givaldo was even seen by residents of Planaltina and was also seen in a Porsche.

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Lawyers Auricélia Vieira and Claudia Pignata, responsible for defending the personal’s family, highlighted that the woman remains hospitalized in a public psychiatric hospital, where she receives “intense medical treatment with the aim of restoring her physical and mental health” since day of the bust.

“Given the situation of incapacity attested by health professionals, and observing the impacts of this information disseminated irresponsibly in the media, it is necessary to emphasize the responsibility of the State and society in the protection of this woman, which is why we ask that the social media users stop sharing videos that outrageously expose not only this victim, but all women, who are now portrayed as a sexualized and worthless object,” urged the note signed by the lawyers.

The defenders did not give more details about the client’s medical diagnosis, limiting themselves to saying that they are defending the rights of people “in a situation of disability”. They stated that they should only give further pronouncements on the case to the competent authorities. The case remains under judicial secrecy.

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