Russia talks about war for the first time and considers banning citizens of ‘hostile’ countries from accessing its territory

Sergey Lavrov did not say which nations the measure would apply to and said a meeting between Putin and Zelensky would be counterproductive.

SERGEI ILNITSKY / POOL / AFPSergey Lavrov says nuclear war is on the mind of the West, not Russia

The Russian Chancellor, Sergei Lavrovinformed this Monday, 28, that the Russia is considering banning citizens of hostile countries from accessing its territory. “We are preparing a draft presidential decree to introduce retaliatory visa measures related to the hostile actions of various foreign governments,” he said. During a statement, Lavrov also spoke for the first time about war – a forbidden word to refer to Putin’s ‘special operation’. According to Lavrov, the U.S are waging a war with Russia to harm the country. The project, which makes it impossible for citizens of hostile countries to enter Russian territory, provides for a series of restrictions. The chancellor did not say which would be or to which countries the new measure would apply. However, earlier this month, Moscow released a list of sovereigns it classified as hostile. It included: the United States, the members of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Taiwan, South Korea, Norway and Australia.

The Russian chancellor also took the opportunity to signal that a conversation between Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky it would be “counterproductive” and would be conditional on the adoption of Moscow’s demands in the negotiations. “Putin said he would never reject a meeting with President Zelensky, but it is necessary that this meeting is well prepared,” he declared. “The conflict in Ukraine worsened over all these years, many problems have accumulated”, added Lavrov and informed that a meeting between the two leaders to say what each one thinks would be counterproductive.

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