These are the foods that steal our body’s energy

You must have noticed that some days you are more willing, on others, you are more tired, sleepy or feel a softness in your body, right? But know that this can be related to the type of food consumed, as there are foods that literally steal energy from our body, disrupting our productivity and the results of our tasks throughout the day.

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They are foods that hinder us acting negatively in different ways in the body. Some provide so much energy, at first, but later, it results in a bad mood.

They are usually foods with high sugar contents, because they raise glucose levels, but then insulin is released and this causes wear on the body, causing a lot of fatigue.

There are other foods that are very fatty, causing more work in the digestive process and taking longer to digest. Get to know the food groups that hinder our mood.

5 types of food that rob our body of energy

refined carbohydrates

They are foods produced with white wheat flour that provides a lot of energy and turns into glucose in the blood. This glucose absorption is done very quickly and for this reason the body happens to feel very tired. To avoid this, we can consume foods made from wholemeal flour.

Fried foods

These foods make digestion longer, organs have more difficulty synthesizing nutrients. The digestive process can take up to 8 hours, this causes more tiredness. It is worth mentioning that fried foods are rich in saturated fats that do not benefit health.


Alcoholic beverages have a high glycemic index, which overload the liver, making it difficult to eliminate toxins. Over time this process will decrease the energy. Alcohol intake prevents the absorption of B vitamins, which are essential for providing energy to the body.


Excess sodium can cause dehydration, causing fatigue, physical exhaustion, among others. Therefore, it is important to take care of the amounts of salt we put in our food and avoid the consumption of industrialized and processed foods.


The excess of foods with sugars causes fatigue and increases insulin spikes, increases appetite and the desire to eat more sweets.

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