Ukrainian army arrests Russian sniper who allegedly killed 40 people | World

Russian sniper arrested

Russian sniper arrested

Ukraine’s army said it had captured sniper Danijela Lazović, a Serb who has been fighting alongside the Russians in Ukraine since 2014. In a statement, Ukrainian authorities accuse her of having killed 40 people since the start of the war, including civilians.

The combatant is well known among the military and uses the nickname Bagheera – the name of the black panther from “The Jungle Book”, which inspired the adaptation of “The Mowgli: The Wolf Boy”. Authorities shared a record of a prisoner’s military ID that turned out to be false. She was listed in the booklet as Irina Starikova, supposedly born in Donetsk.

Before living in the war, Danijela would have been a handball player, a nun and was convicted of drug trafficking. Born in Gornji Milanovac, where her parents and sister still live, she went to eastern Ukraine in 2014 as a member of the Serbian Hussar Volunteer Regiment, a paramilitary unit in which fighters from wars that took place in the region in 1990 operated. has already appeared in advertisements on Russian portals.

The Belgrade Prosecutor’s Office reportedly launched an investigation into the shooter in 2015 on suspicion of participation in a foreign armed conflict. As reported by Radio Free Europe, however, no prosecution has been brought against her in Serbia for waging war against Ukraine.

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