VIDEO: More than 20 vehicles piled up for highway in the US | World

A pileup involving around 20 vehicles, many of them trucks, stopped a highway in Pennsylvania, United States, this Monday (28), according to local press reports.

The Schuylkill County Administration, the region where the accident occurred, indicated that 3 people died.

A pileup involving around 20 vehicles stopped a highway in the United States, this Monday (28) – Photo: Reproduction/Mike Moye/Facebook

The accident happened around 11 am local time (12 pm GMT) during a blizzard.

An internet user was doing a live on Facebook when a truck arrives with speed and hits other vehicles that were stopped. (see video above)

Local officials said at least two vehicles caught fire and people were trapped in the cars. Only one of the injured people remains trapped inside the vehicle. The others were released.

Piling up in the USA was recorded during a live this Monday (28) — Photo: Personal archive/Mike Moye/Facebook

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