DirectStorage releases up to 40% of CPU usage according to Microsoft

This will allow developers to utilize the cleared processing for other functions.

THE Microsoft released on March 14 the API of DirectStoragewhich is present in the DirectX 12 and works as an organizer of files input and output from the storage disk and was released to better allocate the files used in games, allowing the new ultra-fast SSDs that are being released to use their full capacity during gaming, offering numerous benefits.

Even the game developers forspoken have already confirmed that the title that arrives in October this year will use DirectStorage to allow the loading times found in the game to be extremely fast and efficient, even lasting less than 1 second.

Microsoft released the DirectStorage API on March 14, which is present in DirectX 12

But apparently the use of DirectStorage goes much further when it comes to benefits, the software engineer at Microsoft, Cooper Partinsaid during a presentation at GDC 2022 that thanks to the implementations of file access that the API makes possible, it is possible that the use of DirectStorage result in a lower CPU usage ranging from 20% to 40%, which will allow the developer to choose the best way to use the processing in their games. Check out what was said in full below.

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“DirectStorage runtime gives game developers the ability to reduce CPU usage as well as load times on their title. This technology will work well with NVMe drives in combination with streaming architectures.

Now reducing CPU overhead. This is a key benefit that I really want to emphasize, and you’ll hear me say it several times in this talk. As more CPU cycles are freed up for a title, they can be leveraged elsewhere in that title, improving background processing. AI workloads or anything, additional experiences for example.

Let’s talk about that CPU reduction I mentioned there. DirectStorage is designed for modern gaming systems. It handles smaller reads very efficiently and you can group things together to get more work done. When fully integrated into your title, DirectStorage with an NVMe SSD in Windows 11 reduces CPU overhead in a game by 20-40%. This is attributed to advances made to the file I/O stack in Windows 11 and improvements to that platform in general.”

Forspoken uses DirectStorage to reduce loads to 1 second

Forspoken uses DirectStorage to reduce loads to 1 second
The technology brings notable performance improvements to the Square Enix game

Check out the full presentation below. Cooper Partin at GDC 2022.

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What are your expectations for the integration of DirectStorage into PC games? Share in the comments with your opinion!

DirectStorage API is released by Microsoft - See how it works and all the details

DirectStorage API is released by Microsoft – See how it works and all the details
Technology lets you more efficiently use high-speed SSDs in games


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