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With more than two billion users worldwide, the WhatsApp messaging app has become a recurring target for storing a lot of personal information.

In terms of security, end-to-end encryption works like a digital padlock that guarantees the security of the information that the user sends and receives.

“Your messages, photos, videos, voice messages, status updates, documents and calls are protected with end-to-end encryption so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.”

How to know if my WhatsApp is being spied on by an intruder

However, an official function of the app can become a ‘headache’ if used improperly. WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for desktop are account extensions for the app you use on your phone.

“The messages you send and receive are synchronized between your cell phone and computer, so you can view them on both devices”, explains the app.

That way, if someone takes your cell phone without your permission, connects it to a computer, and gives it back to you (you won’t always be prompted for a password at the time of connection), they’ll be able to view your messages instantly even without the device nearby. .

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To find out if someone is monitoring your conversations via this function, open the app, go to Settings/Settings and select ‘Connected Devices’. If they are using their WhatsApp, the name of the device they are connected to will appear.

With this, it is possible to assess whether or not you initiated a connection. To disconnect, simply select ‘Exit All Computers’.

Enable 2-step verification on WhatsApp and ensure your privacy

Two-Step Verification is an optional feature to add even more security to your account. Upon activation, any attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp will need to be accompanied by a six-digit PIN created by you.

To activate, open WhatsApp and go to: Settings > Account > 2-Step Verification > Activate.

You will have the option to enter an email address so that WhatsApp can send you a link in case you forget your PIN.

Still about privacy, you can also set ‘fingerprint lock’ (in App Settings) to access the app and ensure even more security.

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