LATAM plane lands with problem and front wheels are destroyed, watch the moment

A scare on a LATAM flight happened after an Airbus jet of the company took off, had to return in an emergency and landed with a malfunctioning landing gear.

Scene from the video you watch below

The case happened on a LATAM Colombia flight from Medellín to Cartagena. Shortly after takeoff, the pilots identified a failure in the plane’s front landing gear, according to the Civil Aeronautics, the body that oversees Colombian aviation and also investigates incidents and accidents.

With the failure detected, the pilots decided to return to Jose Maria Cordova International Airport and made turns (orbits) in order to burn fuel to enter the maximum landing weight.

Image: RadarBox

When the plane landed on the runway, the front tire blew out and, with the friction of the wheel metal with the asphalt, a large amount of sparks was emitted as the jet slowed down the runway:

The CC-BAS registration Airbus A320 stopped at the end of the runway and the aerodrome firefighter teams, which were already on standby, provided the necessary assistance.

Images released show that only half of one of the two wheels of the front landing gear remained, preventing the aircraft from leaving the site. As a result, Medellín Airport was closed at the time of publishing this article, with a large sequence of canceled flights.

Image: Civil Aeronautics of Colombia
Image: Civil Aeronautics of Colombia

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