model Carol Maltesi dies in erotic game in Italy

A 43-year-old man has confessed to the murder and dismemberment of an erotic model, Carol Maltesi, 25, in yet another femicide case that has shocked Italy.

The murder took place last January, in the city of Rescaldina, province of Milan, and the author of the crime, Davide Fontana, was arrested today after having spontaneously appeared at a police station to report the disappearance of the victim, of whom he was a friend and neighbor.

Maltesi was also known by the stage name “Charlotte Angie” and, according to Fontana’s account, was murdered with a hammer during an alleged “erotic game” held in her own apartment in Rescaldina. “Afterwards, I didn’t understand anything else,” the Italian said in a more than three-hour deposition to the police.

Fontana said he bought a freezer to store the victim’s body, which would later be quartered and thrown over a cliff in the municipality of Borno, about 150 kilometers northeast of Rescaldina.

The truth only came to light after the killer himself went to a police station in Milan to report the model’s disappearance. However, investigators detected a series of inconsistencies in his report and summoned him for a new deposition, but at a police station in the province of Brescia, where he ended up arrested and confessed to the crime.

The remains were found on March 21, hidden inside black bags in Borno territory, but their identity was not yet known, as no one had reported Maltesi’s disappearance.

According to Fontana, no one has looked for the victim over the past two months. “Only his mother, with some messages on WhatsApp, and an ex-boyfriend, also with messages. By phone, no one,” said the man, who even paid the rent on Maltesi’s house to avoid arousing suspicion.

The victim

Carol Maltesi lived in Milan, where she worked as a saleswoman until she opened a profile on the adult social network OnlyFans, which served to bring her closer to professional porn.

Mother of a young boy, she introduced herself on Instagram as an “artist” and “model” and, in 2020, published a video on the occasion of the World Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women asking for sisterhood.

“To combat certain prejudices, we women need to be the first to support each other. I’m not good at talking about myself, but it’s a topic that is very dear to me, and not just because I’ve experienced it in my personal life. physical violence against women, but it is also important to talk about the psychological one”, he said.

“What comes to my mind is that, first of all, there is a lack of respect among women. And this is also a form of psychological violence,” he added.

Colleagues of Maltesi claimed that she maintained a trusting relationship with Fontana, who even had the keys to her apartment. “They had a good relationship, he even accompanied her on some filming,” said an acquaintance of the victim in the world of adult entertainment.

Fontana, on the other hand, has a gastronomy blog and a photography profile on Instagram, where she posted images of women in sensual poses. On March 13, he even published a photo of Maltesi herself, who had been dead for two months.

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