This is what happens if you stop hemodialysis

Diabetes is popularly recognized by the increase in blood glucose that can radically change the diabetic’s lifestyle. But what is not known, in many cases, is that it drastically damages the kidneys, to the point of having to start hemodialysis treatments. The importance of this procedure is of such magnitude that it cannot be stopped prematurely and if it is stopped, it must be done with certain requirements.

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Kidney dialysis is a treatment that replaces the function of the kidneys when they no longer work in the same way, they lose the ability to filter waste from the blood, balance excess fluid and electrolytes in the body, for example, due to kidney failure.

Consequently, this solution for the condition caused by diabetes or hypertension will filter and cleanse the blood of waste products that build up when the kidneys cannot do it on their own.

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This type of treatment is not at all comfortable, although it is an opportunity to improve the quality of life of diabetics and hypertensive patients when the kidneys are not working well. That is why in some cases it is decided to stop kidney dialysis, running the risk that the body will start accumulating toxins every day and in a period of weeks it can be the cause of death.

That’s why experts say that to determine if your kidney dialysis is working and eliminating enough toxins, you should have blood tests periodically to measure your creatinine and urea nitrogen levels, although these can vary depending on your age: from 0.9 to 1.3 mg/dl for adult males and 0.6 to 1.1 mg/dl for adult females. In addition, a used dialysis solution should be collected once a month and, if the patient is still urinating, a sample of this will also be collected. All levels must be stable.

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On the other hand, for patients with diabetes or hypertension who have damaged kidneys, stopping kidney dialysis too soon can cause an infection called uremia, a kidney function disorder that occurs when the kidneys stop working and processing the body’s urea, so so that waste from the urine accumulates in the blood, causing death.

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