Abramovich asked if he would die after poisoning

After showing symptoms of an alleged poisoning, Roman Abramovich asked the scientists examining him if he was “going to die”, according to ‘The New York Times’. Chelsea’s owner was in Kiev participating in a peace negotiation between Russia and Ukraine, held in early March.

After questioning, experts reassured the Russian oligarch and two others involved in the episode, saying that “the dosage and type of toxin used were likely insufficient to cause life-threatening damage,” according to the Bellingcat website.

According to the portal, the three men would have consumed only chocolate and water in the hours before the onset of symptoms. A fourth member of the entourage, who also ate the same food, had no reaction. The reported symptoms were inflammation and pain in the eyes and skin.

Bellingcat added that the investigation suggests the intention of the alleged poisoning was more to frighten victims than to cause permanent harm. Based on expert examinations, the symptoms were likely the result of the use of an undefined chemical agent.

After the disclosure of the incident by ‘The Wall Street Journal’, Abramovich’s spokesman confirmed the suspicion of poisoning. Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Chelsea manager, who is trying to sell the English club for R$ 20 billion, has been subject to sanctions by the UK government.

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