Air-purifying headset promises to protect users from pollution; see how it works | Innovation

A UK company created a wireless headset with an air purifier. The device, which also has noise cancellation, wants to help users in large cities avoid air and noise pollution, according to the manufacturer.

The device is called the Zone and was created by Dyson, a brand that sells traditional air purifiers, as well as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and more.

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The Zone pulls in air with compressors that are on either side of the headphones. This air passes through filters and is then sent to the user through a face shield that is attached to the accessory.

The visor does not touch the face, but creates a kind of bubble of purified air for the person to breathe. The piece can be removed or pulled down, which can be useful for talking to other people.

Face visor is used to send purified air to Zone users — Photo: Disclosure / Dyson

According to Dyson, filters can remove up to 99% of pollution particles. They need to be changed approximately every year, which may vary depending on usage. The company created an app that connects to the Zone and gives more information about the air quality around the user.

The headphones have three types of noise cancellation: one that excludes any sound other than what is being played by the device, one that allows you to hear what someone else is saying and a third for those who want to hear only important sounds, such as horns. and sirens.

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The company reports that its engineers worked for six years to arrive at the final version of Zone. It is not yet available for sale and there is no information on price and specifications.

The website “The Verge” reported that the headphones with air purifiers should be released between September and December this year.

According to Dyson, Zone filters can remove up to 99% of particulate pollution.

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