FMS confirms death of nine-year-old from dengue

03/30/2022 08:34


03/30/2022 15:58

THE Municipal Health Foundation (FMS) from Teresina confirms the death per Dengue of the small Lucas Manoel Resende Rodrigues, 9 years old. He was a patient at the city’s private hospital service, coming from the southeastern region of the city. Lucas died last Sunday (27), but the cause of death was confirmed today by FMS.

The child had headaches, fever and vomiting. Until this Wednesday (30/03), 851 cases of dengue were reported in the capitalwith 387 confirmed cases. This is the second death from Dengue in 2022 (the first was a man).

Lucas Manoel died of dengue in Teresina - Photo: ReproductionLucas Manoel died of dengue in Teresina – Photo: Reproduction

The neighborhoods with the highest number of dengue cases are: São Joaquim, Matadouro, Mocambinho, Parque Alvorada and Nova Brasília. In 2021, there were 168 notifications throughout the year. The director of Health Surveillance at FMS, Amariles Borba, warns the population that in In case of suspected dengue, the health authorities recommend that the person seek medical attention immediately.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. And you have to urinate transparently like the water you drink. So if you have body pain, abdominal pain, and if when you lie down and get up, the world spins, please look for a health service. We have found many serious cases”, explains Amariles.

She also alerts to the fact that the Dengue transmission happens through the bite of the female Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which causes symptoms such as pain in the joints, body, head, nausea, fever above 39ºC and red spots on the body. “The prevention of dengue can be done with simple practices that mainly avoid the reproduction of the transmitting mosquito, through the elimination of objects that accumulate stagnant water”, reinforces Amariles.

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