LATAM flight was going to be canceled before taking off and suffering the incident, say passengers

Situation of the front landing gear after landing – Image: Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia

As reported late on Tuesday, March 29, a LATAM Colombia Airbus A320 plane suffered a problem with its landing gear shortly after takeoff, leading to an emergency return to origin and an incident during landing.

The CC-BAS registration jet was flown back to Medellín’s Jose Maria Cordova International Airport after pilots reported there was a problem with the nose landing gear.

Upon arrival, it was possible to see, according to the video released (to watch it again, click here), that the nose of the aircraft was kept elevated as much as possible before being lowered, until the front tires reached the ground and emitted smoke when they burst, leaving the wheels in friction with the road.

Now, new information presented by The Aviation Herald indicates that passengers reported that technicians were inspecting the aircraft before departure and said the flight would be cancelled.

A few minutes later, however, passengers were invited to board the aircraft, which departed with a delay of around 3.5 hours. After taking off, the crew said there was a technical problem with the nose gear.

In view of the report, the question arises: is it possible that LATAM has deliberately released a plane with a problem for the flight? The obvious answer is no.

Before thinking about making any accusations, it is necessary to note that there is no information that allows linking the inspection that the technicians were doing and the problem presented in the nose landing gear. They can be totally different things.

And even if they were related, it would still be frivolous to make any accusations prematurely, especially when it comes to a company with recognized compliance with regulations. As always, it is necessary to wait for the investigation to determine the cause of the incident, without pre-judgments based on assumptions.

As informed by LATAM, the company is in contact with the Civil Aeronautics of Colombia to provide all the information necessary to start the investigation process into the incident.

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