patch 1.09 released; see what changes

Guerrilla has released more update for Horizon Forbidden West. Patch 1.09 focuses on specific fixes to side quests, RPG performance, and also takes care of minor hiccups found in Forbidden West activities.

The studio continues to improve the interaction errors present in the game. In objectives where Aloy needs to talk to Dekka, the throne no longer interferes with the dialogue between the characters. In the part of the game where the hunter Nora has to deal with the corruption of the root goddesses, the machines no longer appear behind the energy shield.

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay scene.

One of Horizon Forbidden West’s collectible hunts is now working as it should. After gathering the Black Boxes with “Ten records”, Untalla could not receive them normally, which forced players to restart the game to unlock the dialogue.

Guerrilla also brought balances to combat mechanics and fixed issues found in the playback of soundtracks. You can check out all the changes from version 1.09 in the official publication released on Reddit.

The charming details of Horizon Forbidden West

The consolidation of Aloy as one of the great heroines of PlayStation in Horizon Forbidden West came with several beauties. As we explore the Forbidden West, numerous details will catch her eye. the team of MyPS prepared a special to exalt these moments. Read!

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