SC has a 108% increase in dengue cases, 4 confirmed deaths and 6 under investigation

Santa Catarina recorded a 108% increase in confirmed cases of dengue until mid-March, compared to the same period last year. According to Dive (Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance), there are four confirmed deaths from the disease and another six under investigation.

Dengue combat teams work in Blumenau –  Photo: Marcelo Martins/Blumenau City Hall/NDDengue combat teams work in Blumenau – Photo: Marcelo Martins/Blumenau City Hall/ND

In addition, the number of notifications of suspected cases of the disease grew by 144%. Since the beginning of 2022, the State has registered a large increase in cases, especially in the West region.

Because of this scenario, Dive issued this Wednesday (30) a warning note for the entire state. According to the Municipal Health Department of Florianópolis, only in the capital there are 146 confirmed cases of the disease and 2,573 outbreaks of the Aedes aegypti mosquito were found.

“Dengue transmission has already been recorded in 38 municipalities in the state. With the increase in the number of cases, the concern with proper clinical management, with the suspicion of the disease, notification and follow-up, in order to avoid serious cases and deaths from dengue, also increases”, highlights João Augusto Brancher Fuck, director of Dive.

New disease prevention front

From this week the West of the State has a new front for the prevention of dengue in the region. The Regional Center for Emergency Health Operations for dengue began to work and will help direct actions to combat the disease.

Cigerd (Integrated Center for Risk and Disaster Management) has already activated its regional structures to integrate different state government agencies and municipalities, allowing the implementation of rapid and intersectoral measures, both for the control of the Aedes aegypti mosquito and for assistance of the cases.

Cities with deaths

According to the latest epidemiological bulletin released by Dive on March 25, 2,657 cases of dengue were recorded in the state, of which 2,122 (80%) are autochthonous, that is, the infection occurred in Santa Catarina.

Among the confirmed cases of dengue, 22 showed warning signs and ten deaths were reported by the disease, four of which have already been confirmed and six remain under investigation by the Municipal Health Departments, with the support of the State Department of Health.

The four confirmed dengue deaths in 2022 lived in the municipalities of Criciúma (imported case), Seara, Itá and Romelândia (the three autochthonous ones). The six cases under investigation resided in the municipalities of Chapecó (02), Ascurra, Brusque, Seara and Palmitos.

Dengue transmission occurs during the bite of the female Aedes aegypti mosquito infected with the virus. After the bite, symptoms can appear between four and ten days.

“Thus, at this moment, it is essential that the population reinforce the prevention measures against dengue. More than ever, it is necessary to check places that can accumulate water and eliminate them. This remains the best prevention strategy against the disease”, reinforces Ivânia Folster, zoonoses manager at Dive.

Symptoms and care

Usually, the first manifestation of dengue is high fever (39° to 40°C) of sudden onset, which lasts from two to seven days, associated with headache, weakness, body, joint and back pain. eyes. Spots on the body are present in 50% of cases, and can affect the face, trunk, arms and legs. Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting may also be present.

When you present signs and symptoms, you should seek medical attention to avoid worsening the condition.

“In addition, the state’s health services and professionals need to be aware and aware of the SC scenario. Clinical management is required according to the Risk Classification and Patient Management Flowchart. Dengue is a unique disease, it can progress to remission of symptoms or it can get worse, so it requires constant reassessment and observation, so that interventions are timely”, emphasizes João Fuck.

In this way, training will be carried out in the online format with the support of infectious disease doctors from PAHO (Pan American Health Organization), this Thursday (31) and Friday (1st), for the health services of the State, with the objective of to guide health professionals on clinical and differential diagnosis, monitored hydration and warning signs in dengue.

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