Spotify tests new ‘car mode’ with only voice commands

The music app Spotify is testing with some of its users a new interface called “Car Mode”. The experience is part of the company’s intentions to improve the experience of customers listening to music in cars.

Speaking to TechCrunch, a spokesperson for the app confirmed tests with voice commands in cars.

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“We can confirm that we are testing a new car mode for some users. As with any of our tests, we always seek feedback from our users before rolling out the changes more broadly,” he said.

What is known is that Car Mode was tested on an Android system. For now, a test on an iOS has not been confirmed. Screenshots with the active mode show that it allows users to browse and search for music via voice controls. Car Mode includes simple controls like play/pause, skip shuffle and similar buttons.

You can also use voice controls to access recently played music or podcasts. The layout is similar to the regular Spotify interface, but with fewer icons. Aiming at user feedback, the spokesperson said that the final version of Car Mode may differ from what is seen here.

The mode comes months after Spotify released Car Thing. The device connects to Spotify on the phone and then connects to the car to stream music or podcasts through your sound system. To access the service, just say “Hey Spotify” in contact with one of the buttons on the device’s screen. It was launched for US$ 89.90 – R$ 430 at the current price.

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