Video: Teen Dies After Falling From Toy at Orlando Amusement Park | World

The fall of a 14-year-old teenager from an amusement park ride in the United States was recorded on video and published on a social network.

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The boy died after detaching himself from the seat of one of the attractions at ICON Park, in Orlando, on March 24.

The American police opened an investigation and, according to a report by the NBC broadcaster, witnesses say they saw the teenager “slip from his chair” in the fall.

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Orlando park toy detail — Photo: Reproduction / NBC

The toy — a 131-meter tower — was banned shortly after the accident and the young man was taken to the hospital still alive, but he did not survive.

The company responsible for making the toy said it is collaborating with investigators and trying to assess what may have happened.

Aerial image of a park in Orlando — Photo: Reproduction/NBC

According to CNN, the victim’s cousin said she was banned from entering two other rides because she was too big.

Icon Park said in a statement that it is cooperating with the investigation and that the specific toy, Orlando Free Fall, will be closed with no date to return.

Aerial image of an amusement park in Orlando — Photo: Reproduction/NBC

One of the top vacation destinations in the US, Orlando is located in the US state of Florida and is home to famous parks such as Disney and Universal.

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