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The region, which occupies about 10% of Ukrainian territory, has longstanding ties with Russia that were declared independent by Putin this year. The search for independence has been going on since the civil war that formed the Soviet Union, explains Fabrício Vitorino, a master in Russian culture and journalist at g1 Santa Catarina. For the specialist, the history leaves few favorable alternatives for those who live in the region.

A firefighter observes a missile fired in Donetsk, this Monday (14). — Photo: AP Photo/Alexei Alexandrov

“The most likely scenario is that, in the event of a ceasefire, there will be an internal referendum in which the population will decide what they want to do. republics to return to Ukraine”, evaluates Vitorino in an interview with Renata Lo Prete.

“Of course, going back to Russia is the best scenario, the fact is that we have a labyrinth where people are being punished. In the near future, we have a hard time finding a way out of this quagmire where Russia has meter”, he says.

  • Number of Ukrainians who have left the country exceeds 4 million

The coordinator of the USP International Relations course, Felipe Loureiro, points out another challenge with regard to separatist regions: how would Ukraine accept a possible Russian annexation of the provinces in Donbass?

“It will no longer be easy to imagine a recognition of the independent republics of Donbass in the original territory. [a Ucrânia] going to allow Ukrainian territories to be completely with Russia is going to be very difficult.”

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