Abandoned devs are surreptitiously deleting tweets about the game

remember abandoned? That PS5 exclusive announced in April of last year, generating a lot of hype when players started associating it with legendary developer Hideo Kojima… remember? Well, they might actually want you to forget about him.

At least that’s what a recent action by the Blue Box studio is implying. As noticed by Lance McDonald, the producer seems to be quietly deleting a lot of messages related to the project.

“Blue Box Game Studios deleted most of the tweets that described specific plans for the game. abandoned“, explained the user on the social network. He also pointed out how three months ago the studio promised to release a playable demo “soon”, in addition to also having apparently lied about why the app trailer is around 6 GB.

According to the producer, the application contained more material from the game than it should have been, but it would take a “small patch” to fix the problem – something that never actually happened and, now, even the tweet on the topic has been deleted.

In order to compare and find out which messages were deleted, the folks at Push Square used the Wayback Machine and found that “dozens of messages were deleted, including those that alluded to a playable ‘technical demo'”. In theory, the “tech demo” would be available on Blue Box’s real-time experience app, but to this day players haven’t had access to it.

With all the problems faced by the studio at the time of the launch of the app trailer, the various excuses and justifications given by Blue Box and, now, with deleted tweets, what is your opinion on the matter? Do you think the game will one day really come out or that abandoned in the end it was abandoned by the producer?

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