At the hospital, Viih Tube talks about Rodrigo Mussi’s health condition: “It’s really serious”; Tiago Abravanel is seen crying at the entrance

Brazil continues in prayers for Rodrigo Mussi’s recovery. In the early hours of this Thursday (31), the former BBB was hospitalized in serious condition at Hospital das Clínicas, in São Paulo, after suffering a car accident, which caused head trauma and fractures throughout the body. The paulista underwent brain surgery to drain a hemorrhage.

In addition to family members, Viih Tube is accompanying Rodrigo in the hospital. In an interview with Gshow, the influencer asked for prayers for her colleague and reiterated her state of health. “I’m in the hospital. I’m here with him and praying. It is serious indeed and we need prayer”, she declared, who was with Mussi days ago, during the Lollapalooza festival. Since then, the two had strengthened ties. The blonde took control of the ex-BBB’s social networks, and has been responsible for the announcements at this delicate moment.

In Instagram Stories, Viih asked fans to respect Rodrigo’s family’s privacy: “Guys, I’m in the hospital with Rodrigo’s family, I don’t know how to ask this of you, but he wasn’t a public person a little while ago. The family is scared of all this, they are not used to it. Please, I sincerely ask you to respect the family’s privacy and just pray for him.”

“Don’t believe everything you read, even in those moments there are people wanting headlines. His friend and I are controlling Rodrigo’s networks and we are with the doctors 24 hours a day. Trust only what you see there. But right now, it’s time to just pray and respect the family, please.”finally reinforced.

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Tiago Abravanel, who met Rodrigo during “BBB 22“, tried to visit the boy in the early hours of this Friday (1st). The artist, however, was unable to enter the place and was seen crying in front of the Hospital das Clínicas, while talking to some people.

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Thiago Abravanel breaks down in tears at the hospital door (Photos: Eduardo Martins/AgNews)

In the early hours of the morning, Mussi’s team, more specifically Viih Tube, published a statement on Instagram Stories stating that visits are not allowed: “We understand the concern of close friends, acquaintances and even followers. But at that moment it will not be possible for anyone to visit the hospital! We kindly ask you to respect this moment, we cannot disturb the functioning of the ICU and we need everyone’s understanding! Friends can help by praying and throwing positive energies for Rodrigo”.

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(Photo: Playback/Instagram)

According to information from Fefito, from UOL, on Thursday night (31), Mussi underwent neurosurgery to drain brain hemorrhage and had a catheter placed in his head. All day, doctors tried to stop the bleeding, caused by head trauma, without success. So they decided to take him into surgery. A professional interviewed by the journalist stated that “the trauma is very serious”.

He also operated on his leg for two compound fractures. The former BBB suffered other minor fractures, but these have already been treated by doctors. Hospital das Clínicas is now awaiting authorization from the family to issue a report on the boy’s health status. We wish Rodrigo a lot of strength.

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