Classic Angry Birds is back in the app stores

For those who will turn 30 and want to remember the “distant past”, good news: Angry Birds, the mobile game with the most famous nervous birds in the world is back. With several spin-offs, series, movies, toys, the saga returns to the small screens by the same producer, the Finnish Rovio, which chose the version preferred by the fans – the eight-phase version of 2012 – to relaunch the game, starting this Thursday. fair (31).

When they were originally released in December 2009, the birds, still wingless, arrived in an Apple iOS version. The success was immediate, with more than 12 million copies being sold on the APP Store. After that, the game was ported to other platforms, including Android, where it worked for many years, always receiving new updates.

After the game’s withdrawal from the app stores in 2019, fans gathered on social media and launched a hashtag on Twitter – #BringBack2012 –, a reference to the audience’s favorite version, calling for the return of Red, Terence, Leonard, Hal, Chuck and the whole gang. “The clamor was impossible to ignore,” reads the article posted on the Rovio website.

What to expect from the Angry Birds re-release?

Source: Rovio/Disclosure.Source: Rovio/Disclosure.Source: Rovio

Rovio Classics: Angry Birdsexplains Rovio CEO Alex Pelletier, is a faithful recreation of the original early 2012 game, which includes all the easter eggs and all the extras present in the season version.

According to the site’s apps & games editor Android Police, who tested the game, it “runs as well as ever, with smooth slingshot controls. Seeing that this is a remake, Rovio got the feel of the original controls right, which is always a concern when rebuilding a game from scratch”. That’s because the game was entirely rebuilt for HD screens, using the Unity tool.

Angry Birds is already available on the App Store and Google Play for R$4.99.

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