Dog runs away from doggy day care, returns home and is found waiting for owner on the porch

Dexter is a very protective dog that lives near Lenexa, Kansas, United States, with his owners.

He recently left his family and hair caretakers standing. Owner Jeremy was enjoying a relaxing vacation in Las Vegas when he got the news that his dog had run away from doggy day care.

Who captured the arrival of the animal at home was a security camera, which alerts the owner of the house whenever there is movement.

According to information from People magazine, Dexter ran about 3 km/h to his house and waited on the porch in front of the front door.

Despite being 1,600 km from the pet, the tutor knew he needed to calm him down, as the dog was anxious about the family’s absence.

A security camera from a company called Ring allows owners to emit sounds through the equipment, which is how Jeremy talked to the dog and kept him calm until a friend could pick up the dog.

“We adopted Dexter to be a guard dog for my wife while I was away, and he takes that job VERY seriously, so that’s probably why he was so determined to come home,” Jeremy said in a statement obtained by People.

According to the man, the camera saved the pet’s life as a blizzard was approaching. Keeping him safe and inside a warm, comfortable home was vital to the dog’s health.

There’s no doubt that Dexter is the best guard dog this family could ever have.

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