Instagram secrets: see 4 app functions that you may not know yet

Instagram has received some news recently such as the return of the chronological feed in the app and the addition of even more news, some of them unnoticed, which were pointed out today as “Instagram’s little secrets” by Adam Mosseri, leader of Instagram, in a post on his official account.

The first functionality indicated by Mosseri is the new contacts bar displayed just above recent messages in Direct. The contacts shown there are those who are online on Instagram at that moment, so they are more likely to respond.

The second hidden feature of Instagram is the way to send messages without sending notifications. To do this, just add “@silent” at the beginning of a message, it will still be sent, but it will not make any sound on the target device.

There is also fast shipping. It allows you to send a post to a friend of yours on Instagram with just one tap. First find a post, press and hold the submit icon. A pop-up with the avatars of the people you’ve recently chatted with will appear. Just swipe to one of them and release to send.

Finally, Instagram now has the integration of Apple Music and Amazon Music to share snippets of songs with up to 30 seconds via Direct, it will soon be possible to do the same with Spotify.

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