Not being healthy is the new normal – 3/31/2022

Public health has been collapsing for a few decades now, and we’re not doing anything to change that.

The subject I bring up here is of the highest importance, yet mysteriously you will not find it in written articles in the press, in surveys or anywhere else. It is taboo and touches on themes and protagonists that few dare to talk about: the billion-dollar “body health” industries.

For five decades, public health has been deteriorating at an accelerated and exponential rate. We are therefore witnessing a frightening escalation of modern diseases and obesity, transforming the current lifestyle into a great opportunity for large investors in the health market, such as hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, the diet and physical training industry, among others. others.

How many pharmacies were in your neighborhood in the 1980s? How many are there now?

What happens when a viral pandemic finds a world population already struggling in their physical and mental health?

To understand in depth how our way of life has deteriorated in a few decades, see what I wrote in the column: “The human species “evolved” into physical and mental stagnation”.

Few people noticed this fundamental detail, but much of the difficulty in dealing with covid and, consequently, the economic and social impact caused by the virus, derives from the state of calamity of world public health.

What would the impact of covid be if the world population had a low rate of sedentary, obese, stressed, insomniac, depressed people, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and who did not have several other comorbidities?

We probably wouldn’t have to worry about the collapse of the hospital system and we could ease a lot of other issues.

In the end, which lobby will cash in on the full hospitals and billion-dollar offers of medicines, testing and vaccinations worldwide?

Well, when it comes to health, the solution lies in prevention and not in remediation. And here the big question arises: almost the entire health market is focused on propagating commercial, instant and superficial formulas to remedy your physical and mental health, building customer loyalty in an approach that does not collaborate with healing, but rather with make the problem even more chronic, since the root causes that generate and feed this organic imbalance are not addressed.

It’s time to assume that the therapy currently adopted is a dead end that ends in a precipice.

It’s time to turn the tables

When I launched my book, in 2016, I thought I had already done my part and that, based on the didactic and in-depth analysis of a “toxic health industry” that does not collaborate with the solution, a new field of discussion would open up in this area, thinking of ways to turn the game around.

Since then, the problem has only increased and galloped rapidly towards chaos in world health. Even so, we haven’t even begun to put this question under discussion.

Will it be necessary to reach surreal and absurd rates of obesity, diabetes and other comorbidities to wake up to the need for minimal regulation in toxic industries, which manipulate and exploit the population, overloading the health system?

We barely manage to take care of the disease, let alone invest and actually take care of our health. If the government really invested in health and prevention, it would save billions annually. For example, in 2015 Brazil spent around R$72 billion on diabetes and its complications.

To launch a new supplement or drug, you are required to report to demanding and judicious regulatory bodies, however, to launch a new training method on a world scale or a new fad miracle diet, making hundreds of millions of dollars annually, you can choose what you think is best and be free to trade what you want.

In this way, the most famous weight loss methods, without any proof and scientific support, which harm global public health, such as the Dukan diet, become best-sellers and sales phenomena.

Following the same principle, the most commercial and popular method of physical training, based on radical strategies to accelerate weight loss, something that makes it extremely difficult for the student to adhere to training, was developed and idealized by a financial market investor who became best seller in the US and has no education, experience or knowledge in the health or fitness field.

To name just the tip of the iceberg, approximately over 70 billion dollars are spent annually on diets and weight loss products. However, surprisingly, all this investment has potentiated the increase in obesity worldwide, since 95% of people who go on extreme and restrictive diets return to their initial weight or gain even more weight over time, becoming hostage to the accordion effect. and developing possible eating disorders and disorders.

At this very moment, billions of dollars are being invested in strategies that do not collaborate with public health, on the contrary, feed and enhance the main problems.

Not being healthy is the new normal! Just take a little medicine and go on with life, no problem!

Up front, will this overwhelm hospitals and collapse public health? “That doesn’t concern me!”, says the contemporary citizen, duly focused on his own goals and objectives.

Who wants to talk seriously about these matters then?

Nobody! Better not to bother powerful lobbies.

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