Putin’s Popularity Rises Since Ukraine Offensive: Independent Poll

Some 83% of Russians approve of Vladimir Putin’s move, which has gained 12 points in popularity compared to February, according to a poll published on Thursday by the independent Russian institute Levada, its first poll since the start of the offensive in Ukraine. .

Only 15% of Russians say they do not approve of the president’s action (-12% in one month) and 2% have no opinion.

Prime Minister Mikhail Missouri gained 11 points (71%, up from 60% in February) and the government 15 points (70% up from 55% in February).

Previous polls had been released in recent weeks and already showed Putin’s approval rating of 80% or more, but were conducted by pro-government institutions.

Vladimir Putin justified the Russian military offensive against Ukraine by accusing it of having organized a genocide of the Russian-speaking population and of serving as a springboard for NATO, an existential threat to Russia.

This message is broadcast daily by state media, while critical voices have been forced into silence or exile, under penalty of severe criminal sanctions in the case of words that criticize Russian army action.

Russia has also banned some of the social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok – accused of having an anti-government editorial line.

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