Russians reportedly left Chernobyl after troop contamination

Russian troops left Chernobyl nuclear plant entirely on Thursday

Russian troops left Chernobyl nuclear plant entirely on Thursday

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After reporting that Russian troops were leaving the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Ukrainian authorities reported this Friday (1st) that the militiamen left because of radioactive contamination.

Russian forces invaded the area famous for the 1986 nuclear disaster on the first day of the war, on February 24, taking full control of the area the next day.

Since Wednesday (30), there were reports from the United States reporting a movement of troops to Belarus and other cities at war, in news that was confirmed by Kiev and the Ukrainian agency that manages the central on Thursday (31).

At first, it was not known if all the Russian military would leave, but the agency confirmed that “there are no more foreigners in the inner area of ​​​​the Chernobyl nuclear power plant”.

The news was being seen as part of the Russian announcement that it would stop attacks in various parts of Ukrainian territory and that it would focus on defending the breakaway area of ​​Donbass.

However, on Friday, Ukrainian officials said the official reason for the troop withdrawal was the contamination of “hundreds” of officers by “acute radiation sickness”. The military would have been sent for treatment in Gomel, Belarus.

In a Facebook post, one of the members of the agency that manages the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Yaroslav Yemelianenko, posted an official document in which he claims that they left in “two columns” of military personnel straight to the neighboring country.

According to the representative, “the enemy had a significant radiation impact on Chernobyl because it did not follow radiation safety standards.” In another post, Yemelianenko was more direct and said that “with a minimum of intelligence in the command or the soldiers, the consequences could be avoided”.

“Did you dig trenches in the ‘red forest’? Now live the rest of your short life with it. There are rules for dealing with this area and they are mandatory because radiation is physical – it works regardless of your status or position,” he added. referring to one of the areas most impacted by the reactor explosion.

In yet another post, the Ukrainian informed that now the entire Chernobyl area “will need a process of eliminating the consequences of the racists remaining in the entire area – to wash the roads of radiation, renovate infrastructure and bridges and even bury the trenches in the Red Forest”.

So far, Russia has not confirmed the information.

This Friday, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, said he will guide an international mission to Chernobyl “as soon as possible” to assess the situation.

Ukraine’s state energy agency Energoatom also notified the IAEA of possible contamination from soldiers and an investigation was opened.

Chernobyl is known all over the world because of a nuclear disaster in 1986. The entire area was isolated and access is very restricted due to the still existing risk of contamination, despite all the works to minimize the management of nuclear remains at the site. .

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