Sony and Konami, death threats to the developer for hypothesizing the acquisition

The possible Sony’s acquisition of Konami It’s been a topic that’s been on the agenda for several weeks now, especially in conjunction with news related to Microsoft’s new acquisitions, but discussing it on Twitter has cost developer Gavin Stevens a surprising amount of money.

Stevens did nothing but take advantage of recent rumors about Sony’s acquisition of a famous Konami series to think about what would happen if the intellectual properties of the home of Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill became exclusive to PlayStation, cutting across the other platforms.

“I have received nothing but attacks in the last 24 hours,” the developer wrote. “Several death threats, even one person sent me pictures of dead children saying this is what would happen to my daughter. There have been repeated attempts to hack my social profiles and more.”

Stevens said that he and his family were insulted on various websites and forums, all because he did not specify that his posts related to the possible acquisition of Konami. they weren’t leaks or rumorsbut simply your opinion.

He then deleted those tweets, apologizing to those who misinterpreted his words and promising to be clearer when something similar happens again in the future, but at the same time saying he was disgusted by the attacks suffered and their ferocity, not excluding for the police. .


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