White teacher removed after ‘hanging’ black doll at school attended by Michelle Obama

One white history teacher from a Chicago high school that was frequented by Michelle Obamaformer US first lady, was removed after having hanging a black puppet by the neck on a string in a classroom.

The professor then argued sharply with a black colleague who was offended by the “hanging”.

The incident occurred last Monday (28/3), when a black history teacher saw the puppet, representing a black football playerhanging in the white teacher’s classroom, reported the “Chicago Sun Times.”

A heated confrontation between the two educators ensued. The fight was captured on video and the footage quickly circulated around Whitney Young Magnet High School and on social media.

“Unfortunately, there was an incident where a teacher hung a small African American football dummy by a string from a projector screen in his classroom.”said school principal Joyce Kenner in an email to parents and students.

“The teacher indicated that he had found the doll and that he wanted the students to see it waiting for someone to claim it. A colleague approached the teacher about the doll and the conversation between the teachers became contentious.”she added in the message.

Black athlete dummy 'hanged' by white teacher in US classroom
Black athlete dummy ‘hanged’ by white teacher in US classroom Photo: Reproduction

The white teacher had been at the school for years, while the black classmate had started teaching at the high school more recently. The case is being investigated by the Chicago Education Commission.

The Chicago Teachers Union, which represents the two teachers, said in a series of tweets that the district “has a responsibility to provide a safe space for all members of our school communities, which is especially important in a district that serves a 90% student population of black and brown children”.

Michelle Obama graduated from the school in 1981. In 2019, she visited the school, where she names a sports complex that cost $4.3 million.

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